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April 12 - 15, 2018
Destin, FL

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Aerostar Owners Association FAQ –

Q:  How much does membership cost?
A:  $250 for US residents and $275 for non-US residents annually.

Q:  What do I get?
A:  A whole lot.  A complete list is on our Non-Member page. 

Q:  What is a sustaining member?
A:  The Sustaining Member Program is relatively new.  Sustaining members add $200 to their membership fee to help fund AOA projects with the goal of providing added value to all Aerostar owners.  Sustaining members are recognized with their name listed in the AOA Log.

Q:  I don’t have an Aerostar.  Can I still join?
A:  Of course.  We have lots of members who are just checking Aerostars out or looking to buy an Aerostar.  Some just fly them.  Some just want to learn more about them.  Some have become a member and then decided not to buy one.  We think they made the correct decision by learning, weighing their options and making a decision that is right for them – a win-win for everyone.  The Aerostar is not for everyone.   

Q:  What is the right Aerostar for me?
A:  That depend on a lot of things.  Read the “What’s Your Mission?” article By Executive Director Ken Bacon to understand more. 

Q:  Why is your Forum closed to guests?
A:  The Aerostar Mart is open to guests.  The rest of the Forums are closed as a service to our members.  There is no advertising and it is not really a social forum.  The purpose is to provide quick and accurate information to our members.  The forum is very effective at doing so.  We do not have the problem of disruptive, inaccurate and rude posters (also known as trolls) in our forums. 

Q: Where do I get Aerostar insurance?
A: Chappell & Associates is an AOA member & advertiser in Aerostar Log magazine. You can connect to their website via the Friends of AOA page.

Q: Where do I get Aerostar Training?
A: See list of AOA members who specialize in Aerostar Training at the bottom of the Friends of AOA page .

Q: Who does pre-buy inspections in my area?
A: See list of AOA members who provide service on the Friends of AOA page or call the AOA hotline. 

Q: How do I buy an Aerostar?
A: Talk to someone who has done it before such as one of the Maintence Guru's listed on the Friends of AOA page or call Ken at the AOA hotline. It is wise to use an Escrow Agent such as the one available through the AOPA.